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8/11/2019 5:05:41 PM

North Korea warns to have no inter – Korean talks as military drills

North Korea has threatened to decline inter – Korean talks to obstruct the military drills between the US and South Korea after its fifth missiles test on Saturday. 

Photo: AFP

On Sunday, North Korea has given a caution that inter – Korean talks could be declined because of South Korea’s participation in the joint largely computer-simulated small-scale military exercises with the US for 10 days, after its fifth missiles test which “proved that the new weapon system's advantageous and powerful demand of the design was perfectly met", as KCNA reported.

These exercises was considered as a “rehearsal for war”, therefore, North Korea conducted the fifth short – range missiles launch to fight against South Korea and the US’s actions.

Furthermore, North Korea confirmed that its leader Kim Jong Un had attended and supervised the new missiles test on Saturday.

Noth Korea's two new short – range missiles were still blasted off although the US President Donald Trump had said on Twitter that he received “very nicely” letter from North Korea’s leader Kim Jong Un and Kim “would like to meet and start negotiations as soon as the joint U.S./South Korea joint exercise are over”.

Trump also mentioned that Kim had written a "small apology for testing the short range missiles" in the letter.

North Korea had warned South Korea will “pay dearly” for the military drills with the US on Friday. However, it kept presenting its angry behavior to the joint military drills between the US and South Korea by shooting two additional missiles on Saturday and giving a new warning to cancel the talks with South Korea on Sunday.


Reuters, AFP, DW  ( Van Nguyen )
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