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10/8/2019 11:25:22 AM

North Korea threatens to continue launching missiles at United Nations

North Korea sent its caution to the US and Germany, France and Britain (E3) that it could continue conducting missiles launches at the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) on Monday (October 8).

North Korean submarine - launched ballistic missile blasted off from Wonsan Bay to Sea of Japan (photo: AFP)

North Korea warned the US and the E3 to launch more missiles in the UNSC’s meeting, requested by the E3 as North Korea had carried out the submarine – launched ballistic missile on Monday (October 8).  

North Korean Ambassador to the UN Kim Song said “we know well that the United States is behind impure moves of the UK, France and Germany”.

He suggested that “the United States and its followers should bear in mind that if they raise the issue of our self-defensive measures at the U.N. Security Council meeting in this moment, it will further urge our desire to defend our sovereignty”.

Kim also gave a warning “please carefully watch what we will do in the future… It does not mean the launch of another missile”.

On October 2, North Korea had surprisingly done its eighth missiles test after agreeing with the US to have a working - level meeting in Stockholm on October 5. However, the talks between two countries were failed afterward when North Korea criticized “the US has not discarded its old stance and attitude”.

Furthermore, the spokesperson of North Korea’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs presented the statement “we have no intention to hold such sickening negotiations as ... happened this time (in Sweden) before the U.S. takes a substantial step to make complete and irreversible withdrawal of the hostile policy toward the DPRK”.

Although the US State Department announced to accept the invitation to be back for more dialogues with North Korea in two weeks, North Korea said it was unsure on the possibility to participate.


Reuters, Aljazeera  ( Van Nguyen )
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