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8/9/2019 2:53:50 PM

North Korea threatens South Korea over joining military drills

North Korea has sent a message that South Korea will “pay dearly” for taking part in the joint military drills on Thursday after fired two guided tactical missiles on Tuesday.

Photo: Los Angeles Times

The Committee for the Peaceful Reunification of Korea (North Korea) stated “The joint military exercises which have been conducted by the South Korean authorities with outsiders century after century are the root cause escalating tension on the Korean peninsula and blocking the development of the inter-Korean relations", as KCNA reported.

It also stressed on the Panmunjon Declearation, adopted by two Koreas in the 2018 inter-Korean summit, on April 27, 2018  that two countries “agreed each other to completely halt all hostile acts of becoming the root cause of military tensions and conflicts on the ground and in the air and the sea and all other spaces" and “but, the south Korean authorities are staging north-targeted attack drills in camera in league with outsiders" to present the contradiction as South Korea launched the joint military exercises with the US .

In addition, the North Korea’s Committee for the Peaceful Reunification blamed South Korea on being “disloyal to the fellow countrymen and abetted the U.S. in the moves for invading the DPRK”.

It gave an alert that South Korea “can never escape from the responsibility of compelling the DPRK to take countermeasures for eliminating potential and direct threats to its security, and will pay dearly for it".

The North Korea threatened South Korea over the joint military drills after shooting the guided tactical missiles on August 6. Although North Korea had said its missiles test’s purpose for warning to the US and South Korea, North Korea continue expressing its disagreement about the US – South Korea joint military exercises.


Yonhap News Agency, France 24  ( Van Nguyen )
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