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12/21/2017 10:08:30 AM

New Year celebration of H’mong ethnic group in Vietnam

(VNF) - Hanoians are invited to an event that brings together the H’mong’s styles of celebration of New Year and their customs on January 7th, 2018 at Hanoi University of Culture.

Agenda of the event.

Like many other ethnic groups, each year, the H’Mong celebrates New Year with ritual practices for the gods and celebrations among themselves. An ethnic group relies on agriculture, the H’Mong’s New Year is always celebrated at the end of the harvest season, therefore it is celebrated in different time of the year in different regions, depending on their harvest seasons. This celebration is usually not concurrent with the Gregorian New Year or the Lunar New Year.

New Year celebration of the H’Mong is divided into two parts: the ritual practices (taking place at home) and the celebrations. The event “Tet Mong xuong pho” (New Year Celebration of H’mong) will touch only on the celebration part.

Performance at the event.

It aims to bring young people together through traditional games such as nem pao, danh yen, danh cu,… and folk songs. During the celebration, the H’Mong also arrange weddings for couples. One of their popular practices is “haib puj” (rough translation: take the wife).

The event will recreate the H’mong’s celebration of New Year and their customs, giving young people the opportunities to ponder on the past, present and future./.

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