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6/21/2018 9:19:02 AM

Nearly $43mil. needed to open foreign university in Vietnam

New Decree 86 on foreign investment and co-operation in education states that investors need at least VND 1 trillion (USD 42.90 million) in capital in order to set up a university in Vietnam.

Dự án đầu tư thành lập cơ sở giáo dục phổ thông phải có suất đầu tư ít nhất là 50 triệu đồng/học sinh (không bao gồm các chi phí sử dụng đất).

Photo for illustration (source: DT News)

The FDI investors must prove their financial ability in accordance with the laws and the investment value must be over VND 500 billion (USD 6,700). 

The requirements have been tightened. According to previous regulations, the institutions must invest at least VND 150 million per student excluding land costs, with a total minimum investment of not less than VND 300 billion (USD 13.5 million).

Opening a new branch of a foreign university requires a minimum of VND 250 billion capital, excluding land cost.

The investors are only required 70% of the minimum capital in cases they don't have to build their own facilities on land or have their Vietnamese partners contribute facilities and equipment.

Requirements for lecturers are also tightened as they must have master degrees. Not less than 50% of the lecturers must have doctorate degrees excluding specific fields decided by the Ministry of Education and Training. In the previous regulations, only 35% of the lecturers need doctorate degrees.

The maximum ratio of students to teachers is 10 students per teacher in fine arts faculties, 15 in science and technology faculties and 25 in other faculties.

The degree will take effect from August 1./.

  ( VNF/DTnews )
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