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5/3/2018 3:38:15 PM

Music festival for Vietnamese singers worldwide to take place in Thailand

(VNF) – The music festival themed “Mother tongue, my love” (Tôi yêu tiếng nước tôi) will be held in from July 20-22 in Udon Thani province of Thailand, according to the Vietnam Association For Right Protection of Music Performing Artists (APPA).

A music festival for overseas Vietnamese held in Lam Dong province in 2011 (source: quehuongonline)

"Mother tongue, my love" is jointly organized by APPA, Department of Arts under the Central propaganda and Training commission, the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism. The event, held every two year, aims at preserving the Vietnamese language and improve the spiritual and cultural life of Vietnamese of different generations worldwide, and deepening the understanding of homeland and infuse the love for Vietnam.

The festival is expected to serve as a great platform to bring together Vietnamese artists from different countries and territories.

Eligible candidates are Vietnamese who are 18 and above, who are recognized in region-level competitions, festivals and are striving toward world-level.

Udon Thani city, where the music festival "Mother tongue, my love" will be held (source:

In his/her application form, each contestant is required to register to sing two (2) Vietnamese songs which are permitted by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism. One out of 2 songs must be an original folk song.

Accomodation for contestants will be sponsored by the organizing board, while transportation fee (within the contest’s hosting locality) will be partly subsidized.

For further information, please drop an email to:

  ( Translated by Phi Yen )
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