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5/3/2019 1:59:40 PM

Music competition for Vietnamese community held in Moscow

Recently, the final round of music competition for Vietnamese in Russia was hosted by Embassy of Vietnam, attracted around 1000 attendances, and contained Russian friends, embassy of ASEAN countries’ representatives and Vietnamese community.

Vietnamese and Russian audiences at the competition on April 28.

This competition was one of the seven activities of Vietnam – Russia friendship year anniversary, took place at Moscow State University of Railway Engineering. Vietnamese Ambassador in Russia, Ngo Duc Manh said: “The competition is a great music event of Vietnamese community, held after 7 years to strengthen the solidarity between Vietnamese who live and study in Russia Federation. It also has a purpose of promote the cultural, traditional music and art activities of Vietnamese community in Russia, as well as brings Vietnamese cultural art’s beauties to Russian and other international friends…”

The competition started from November 2018, got supports, interests and attentions from many Vietnamese, and mostly were students. Especially, the Vietnamese Association in Russia sponsored to this competition. Nearly 100 candidates from every regions of Russia, included those from remote areas such as: Vladivostok, Yakutsk, Pyatigorsk made all efforts to come to Moscow for participating in the competition.

Guitar performance of Gnesin Russian Academy of Music’s students.

Nguyen Hung, law extraordinary student of Far Eastern Federal University in Vladivostok said: “The travelling to competed location is a challenge because Vladivostok is a Far Eastern city which is 9000 km far from Moscow. I am proud to be a representative of 2000 Vietnamese people in Vladivostok come to Moscow for this final round of the music competition. I hope I get the best result in this competition”.

The duration of the Final round was 4 hours with 35 items such as: don ca tai tu, duet, choir, playing guitar, playing piano, modern dancing, ballet and singing Vietnamese and Russian songs… Particularly, for the professional and accurate examine, the Organizing Board asked composer Do Hong Quan, Chairman of Vietnam Musicians’ Association, Nguyen Xuan Thuy, chancellor of Military University of Culture and Arts to be examiners.

As in examined role, composer Do Hong Quan expressed his impression about the range of the competition, the number of candidates and the variety of items

Children of the Fairy and Dragon” dancing of students from Plekhanov Russian University of Economics.

“The music competition for Vietnamese community in Russian Federation is one of the oversea greatest music competition, the professional and non – professional candidate are in a balance to compete each other. Furthermore, this competition attracted amount of audiences, included both Vietnamese and Russian. I considered this event as a success of the cultural diplomacy because of the interests of community”.

He also appreciated the performances in the Final round of the competition were in high quality, professional and special.

After the crucial competed performances between candidates, the examiners decided to give two special achievement awards, 6 first prizes, 10 second prizes and 9 third prizes to whom achieved. In addition, some of candidate gained subsidiary prizes such as the Hope Star’s award (rewarded by Vietnam Musicians’ Association), excellent playing traditional Vietnamese music instruments and Vietnam – Russia Friendship Bridge…

The music competition for Vietnamese community in Russia was not only on the framework of music aspect, but also presented the fondness of Vietnamese community to the fatherland. It contributed to share the difficulties of Vietnamese as well as bind candidates and audiences together in Russia./. 
Translated by Thanh Van  
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