Vietnam and Cambodia jointly held a ceremony on August 4 to break ground for a memorial site of the former Command Post of Front 579, Military Region 5 (MR5) in Stung Treng province, Cambodia.

MR5's leader handing over VND 3 billion to the Royal Cambodian Armed Forces' representative

Lieutenant General Tran Quang Phuong, member of the Party Central Committee, Political Commissar of MR5, and General Hout Chheang, Commander of Cambodia’s Military Region 1 attended the ceremony.

During the ground-breaking ceremony, the two sides recalled the history of the Command Post of Front 579. On November 1977, a permanent office of MR5, the forerunner of Front 579, was set up. On July 28, 1981, the Command of Front 579 was officially established and stationed in Stung Treng town in the province of the same name, operating in four provinces of Northeastern Cambodia.

During its 10 years of its international service, the command, under the direction of the Party, Politburo, Central Military Commission and MR5, effectively supported Cambodian people and troops to escape from the Pol Pot genocidal regime. On September 22, 1989, it received the noble Ho Chi Minh Order for great achievements.

The memorial site, costing VND 4 billion, is to pay tribute to Vietnamese and Cambodian war martyrs. Earlier, General Phuong had handed VND 3 billion to the Royal Cambodian Armed Forces (RCAF)’ Military Region 1 for the construction.

On this occasion, General Phuong visited Cambodia’s Military Region 1 and congratulated them on the success of their recent general election./.