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11/28/2017 8:49:59 AM

Master concert celebrates Vietnam – South Korea diplomatic relations

(VNF) - A master concert entitled “Vietnam – South Korea Friendship” to mark the 25th anniversary of Vietnam – the Republic of Korea (RoK) diplomatic relations will take place on December 3rd at the Hanoi Opera House.

Agenda of the concert.

The information was revealed on November 28th on the website of the Korean Cultural Centre in Vietnam.

Within the concert program, the audience will have the chance to enjoy new age music as well as K-pop music with energetic choreography. Participants of the concert are the Vietnamese and South Korean artists, who will be performing in a program carefully crafted by the equip that organized Bangtan Boys’ world tour.

New age music lovers will get to see the special performance by the talented pianist-composer Yiruma, well-known for “River Flows In You”, “Kiss The Rain”, “May Be” and the soundtracks of the famous Korean drama “Winter Sonata”.

South Korean singer Ailee will perform at the concert.

This is also a chance for K-pop fans to see the fierce performance by Ailee, who is considered “Korean Beyonce”. Possesses a powerful and inspiring voice, many of her songs have become hits, including “I will go to you like the first snow” in the Koream drama “Goblin”.

From Vietnam, the public will see many famous artists with hits like “Phia sau 1 co gai” by Soobin Hoang Son, “Em gai mua” by Huong Tram, “Trai tim em cung biet dau” by Bao Anh, “Co em cho” by Min.

Apart from the performance by the artists, the audience will get to join many exciting activities taking place on the same day of the concert.

The open-air stage, in front of Hanoi Opera House will be free of charge, and Hanoi Opera House’s auditorium will need invitations.


Open-air stage, in front of Hanoi Opera House:


1) K-pop Cover dance

2) Performance by Vietnamese artists: Bao Anh, Min

18:00~19:00 – Korean make-up show

20:20~20:35 – Preparation for outdoor performances


1) Performance: Korean drama soundtrack

2) Performance by Vietnamese artists: Huong Tram, Soobin Hoang Son

3) Performance by Aliee

In Hanoi Opera House’s auditorium: Performances will be screened live on the outdoor screen in front of Hanoi Opera House.

19:00~20:20 – Performance by Yiruma

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