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6/13/2018 11:11:47 PM

'Made in Vietnam' World Cup trophies satisfy football fans

Plaster replicas of the real gold World Cup trophy, created by craftsman Vuong Hong Nhat at his workshop at the Bat Trang Pottery Village in Hanoi's suburban district of Gia Lam, are now ready to serve football fans.

Nhat and his plaster replicas of the real gold World Cup trophy. (Photos:

Due to the fast-approaching football tournament, Nhat, a 57-year-old football fan, and his assistants are busy with pouring plaster, moulding, making and spraying hand-made plaster replicas of the World Cup trophy 2018.

Nhat was also the first Vietnamese craftsman to make this unique product since 2010 which he said he began just to satisfy his passion for football and to present the trophies to friends.

"Unbelievably, this trophy has won the love of a lot of people, thus, I began studying to make a lifelike trophy", Nhat said.

"I'm confident that the trophy made of plaster is a more than a 90 per cent look-alike," the craftsman said.

Nhat's family is scheduled to make 3,000 trophies to fulfil orders during this year's World Cup season, triple the number during World Cup 2014.

He noted that the orders mainly come from customers in Nghe An and Thanh Hoa provinces, in addition to the southern provinces of Vinh Long, Can Tho and Ca Mau. Particularly, this year Nhat has also received hundreds of orders from Russia, the host of World Cup 2018.

This is the eighth consecutive year that craftsman Vuong Hong Nhat has made plaster models of the World Cup trophy since the World Cup 2010 in South Africa. His products always sell well despite the fact that the Vietnam National Team has never advanced past the regional qualifiers.

Nhat is a big football fan and a skilled craftsman. He decided to make replicas of World Cup trophies in 20-10 when the event was held in South Africa.

If you are a football fan who desires to have a World Cup trophy at home, then you might consider buying one of Vuong Hong Nhat's replica trophies.

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