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10/5/2017 10:50:07 AM

Korean Professor with a great love for Vietnam

(VNF) - On October 3rd, in Hanoi, Don Tuan Phong, Vice President in-charge and General Secretary of the Vietnam Union of Friendship Organisations (VUFO) had a meeting with South Korean Professor Ahn Kyong Hwan during his working visit to Vietnam.

At the meeting in the headquarters of the Vietnam Union of Friendship Organisations in Hanoi. (Photo: Quang Viet/VNF)

At the meeting, Prof. Ahn Kyong Hwan said he came to Vietnam this time to prepare the launch of the memoirs of General Vo Nguyen Giap in South Korea. In the past, he was also the first person to translate Vietnamese literature into Korean with three major works: Tales of Kieu, The Prison Diary of Ho Chi Minh and The Diary of Dang Thuy Tram.

Sharing his special love for Vietnam, he said that when he saw Korean businesses invest in Vietnam more and more, he was thinking of translating Vietnamese famous works into Korean to help investors and people interested in Vietnam better understand the culture of this country. Ahn Kyong Hwan's first work was "Prison Diary" and he became the first translator to translate a Vietnamese work into Korean.

Prof. Ahn Kyong Hwan believes the translated books can act as a bridge linking the two nations together.

With an initial print run of only 300 copies, just two months later, he reprinted the second time and now "Prison Diary" was reprinted five times with 2,700 copies. With this work, he was awarded the medal for the cause of culture by Vietnamese Government.

Prof. Ahn is also the Director of Sejong Center for Korean language (named after the Korean King - Sejong the Great) in Ho Chi Minh City. He expressed his wish to organise more cultural exchanges between students of the two countries, helping the Korean people understand more about Vietnam.

He hopes that in the coming time, VUFO and the Vietnam-South Korea Friendship Association will create favourable conditions to help him and his colleagues contribute a small part in promoting and consolidating the friendship and cooperation between the two countries.

Prof. Ahn Kyong Hwan (R) presents a gift to VUFO Vice President Don Tuan Phong. (Photo: Quang Viet/VNF)

Expressing the warm welcome to the visiting delegation of Prof. Ahn, VUFO Vice Chairman Don Tuan Phong, said that the development of Vietnam – RoK relations has affirmed the determination of the two nations’ leaders and people, and laid a political foundation for raising friendship and cooperation to a new height.

“We are constantly increasing mutual understanding, so the contributions and efforts of Professor Ahn Kyong Hwan and his colleagues have a great significance,” he said.

On this occasion, Don Tuan Phong also hoped Prof. Ahn will always support the sovereignty of sea island Vietnam at the international forums.

Earlier, on the same day, Prof. Ahn offered incense to commemorate General Vo Nguyen Giap in his house in Hanoi./.

Translated by Phuong Nguyen  
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