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4/4/2018 1:59:20 PM

Japanese-funded tourism project helps Vietnamese ethnic minority

A community-based tourism project has helped to improve living standards of Co Tu ethnic minority people in the central province of Quang Nam.

The project funded by Japan’s Foundation for International Development and Relief helped local people preserve their culture and traditional customs. 


Young Co Tu girls are assigned to stand at the gates of local tourism sites to welcome visitors

Briu Thuong, chairman of Co Tu community-based tourism co-operative in Ta Bhing Commune, said that the co-operative has attracted 300 members.

Each year, the co-operative earn around VND1 billion (USD45,454) from tourism services. Part of this is shared equally among all members, while the rest is used to the development of tourism products. 


Co Tu girls offer souvenirs for tourists

When receiving a tour, the co-operative holds a meeting for all members to arrange them to serve visitors. Local people often prepare their cuisine, perform dances and play gongs, offer home-stays and serve as tour guides. 

Young Co Tu girls are assigned to stand at the gates of local tourism sites to welcome visitors.

Community-based tourism and eco-tour services will help Co Tu ethnic minority improve their living standards while reviving their culture. The young generations can learn from the elderly and by conducting cultural activities and performances. 


A visitor interested in Co Tu people's brocade weaving 

The project has also helped people to compile specific regulations for tourists. Local residents can sell their traditional products such as brocade and souvenirs.

The Japanese organisation has also assisted Co Tu people to develop their traditional brocade weaving.

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