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4/17/2018 9:20:42 AM

Japan to support Vietnam in modern cancer treatment

VNF - Japan will support Vietnam to train doctors and transfer the most advanced techniques in cancer prevention and treatment today.

The National Cancer Institute of Japan has signed a cooperation agreement with K Hospital in training and transferring modern techniques for cancer treatment.

In addition to coordinating the implementation of cancer research and co-organizing seminars, the Japanese side will send experts to Vietnam to train modern advanced techniques in prevention and treatment of cancer such as proton therapy and heavy-iron therapy.

With special cases, specialists from Japan will be available to discuss the best treatment options.

Prof. Tran Van Thuan, Director of K Hospital added that the two sides also agreed to exchange patients, the case of need for proton therapy, heavy ion will be sent to the Japan National Cancer Center for treatment.

In contrast, Japanese (Vietnamese origin) who wish to return to Vietnam will be referred by doctors for treatment at K Hospital.

Proton and carbon-ion beams share certain advantages over conventional radiation therapies

The National Cancer Center of Japan was established in 1962 with two hospitals and four large research centers capable of conducting advanced clinical trials.

It is also the leading center in the area of high-tech cancer treatment in the region and the second in the world to be equipped with proton-type radiotherapy machines.

Today, proton and carbon-ion beams share certain advantages over conventional radiation therapies. Charged particles lose most of their energy all at once at the end point of their transit. That phenomenon, known as the Bragg peak, allows a beam to be precisely tailored to the shape and depth of the tumor and leave the healthy tissue in front of the tumor largely unscathed. Because the particles are halted in the tumor, proton and carbon-ion therapies also minimize the exit dose that damages healthy tissues beyond the tumor.

Dr. Yasuhiro Fujiwara, director general of the Japan National Center, said that in Japan, cancer was the leading cause of death, with 114 deaths per 100,000 people. The country ranks 71/172 in the world in cancer rate. Vietnam ranks 78th with a cancer mortality rate of 110 cases per 100,000 people.

However, Prof. Dr. Thuan said that the number of new cases of cancer in Vietnam is constantly increasing, an average of about 126,000 cases a year. K Hospital treats more than 40,000 patients each year./.

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