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1/3/2019 8:38:48 AM

JF Garage Concert in Hanoi: The Harmony of Tradition

On January 13, the Japan Foundation Center for Cultural exchange in Vietnam will hold a concert featuring Japanese traditional instruments – Shakuhachi and Shamisen – named “The Harmony of Tradition – Shakuhachi & Shamisen Concert”.

Shakuhachi is a type of flute made of bamboo, provides a variety of sound.

Shamisen is a three-strings instrument. There are many types of Shamisen but in this concert, the artist will use Tsugaru Shamisen which can play even the strongest sounds.

This time, the two performers Kimihiro Kitamura (Shakuhachi) and KIJU (Tsugaru Shamisen) will be in Vietnam to take charge of the sound in the Vietnam – Japan collaboration theater work by Vietnam National Drama Theatre “Ikiru”. The two have had many experiences performing abroad.

This fusion of traditional and modern in the JF Garage Concert 19.

JF Garage Concert presented by The Japan Foundation Center for Cultural Exchange in Vietnam is a series of outdoor classical music concerts which aims to provide musical diversity to Hanoi through the introduction of music worldwide played by distinguished Vietnamese and Japanese musicians.

Free ticket distribution [2 tickets maximum per person] from 12:00, 8 January at the Japan Foundation Center for Cultural Exchange in Vietnam (27 Quang Trung, Hoan Kiem, Hanoi)./.

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