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10/6/2018 10:43:38 AM

Internationalization in Higher Education Forum slated for next week

Hanoi-based Foreign Trade University will host the annual Forum on Internationalization in Higher Education with the theme "Mutual Recognition in Cross-Border Higher Education" on October 8.

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In the context of world education strongly influenced by the trend of globalization and regional integration, reform of higher education system as response to globalization has been emphasized on the agenda of higher education institutions.

Upon the success of the first Annual Forum on Internationalization in Higher Education on February 16, 2017, Foreign Trade University has been motivated to organize the second forum this year, which will focus on mutual recognition in cross-border higher education. It is expected to address various issues including but not limited to credit transfer, curriculum mapping and degree accreditation.

Objectives of the forum include creating a forum for discussion about various topics on international development among universities; creating a platform for potential exchange or cooperation among international universities and Vietnamese universities; and providing foreign universities an opportunity to meet and attract Foreign Trade University students, and students from other Vietnamese universities.

Guest speakers and participants will also discuss difficulties on credit transfer, curriculum mapping and degree accreditation to find out solutions for universities and institutions in order to promote student mobility, and share practical models regarding such topics in different countries.

Along with the forum, the International Education Exhibition will be held at Foreign Trade University campus, with the participation of representatives from international higher education institutions in Canada, the U.S., Europe, Australia, Japan, South Korea and China.

High school and university students will have the opportunity to receive direct admission information and counseling from international universities’ representatives, broadening the study abroad horizon more widely than ever before.

Foreign Trade University is a public university that provides high-quality human resources with a modern and dynamic education environment as well as practical and internationally recognized education programs in economics and business./.

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