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7/5/2018 3:56:42 PM

Ice café: Ideal place to escape from severe heat in Hanoi

An ice cafe in Hanoi has become an ideal place for Hanoians, especially young people, to escape from the summer heat.

While the temperature outside during this week sometimes goes up to 40 degrees Celsius, it is minus 10 degrees inside the Ice Coffee cafe. (Photos provided by the café)

While the temperature outside sometimes goes up to 40 degrees Celsius, it is minus 10 degrees inside the Ice Coffee cafe, the first of its kind in Hanoi.

The coffee shop opened in late June. It has attracted a large number of customers, who are willing to wait from 15-20 minutes to get inside. While waiting, they have time to order hot drinks.

Customers are equipped with warm jackets before entering an intermediate room to adapt to the low temperature. After several minutes, they are led to another room with temperature at -10 degrees Celsius.

“I feel as if it’s winter here while it’s summer outside. I don’t want to go out,” said Na Nau, a visitor to the coffee shop.

In the icing room, the wall, the tables and chairs are all made from ice. Guests also have a chance to discover iced statues with colourful visual effects.

Quach Manh Duong, Ice Coffee founder, said to keep the temperature at -10 degrees, the room is completely heat-insulating.

“We also have a refrigerating system and provide fresh air for customers”, Duong said, adding he hopes to create “the most wonderful place for customers to experience” and escape from scorching sunlight and heat in Hanoi.

The café creates a place which is spell binding with its ice sculptures, ice seating and tables and a uniquely illuminated interior, all at a subzero temperature.

Over the past days, Hanoi has been scorched by a heat wave with the highest average temperature during the daytime hovering around 36-38 degrees Celsius and even reaching 40 degrees Celsius.

For those seeking a unique place to escape from the severe heat, Ice Coffee is an ideal place./.

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