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8/12/2019 11:18:31 AM

Hong Kong police and protesters rising more violence with tear gas and petrol bombs

The violence in Hong Kong stepped up to the new level when the protesters threw the petrol bombs and the police solved the problem by tear gas and strike.

Photo: DW

Hong Kong police and the rioters had a violent clash on Sunday as the protest of anti – extradition bill continued to the 10th week. As Reuters reported, the police used tear gas and force to stop the protesters from bringing more chaos to the city, even in the metro station. However, the protesters responded by throwing petrol bombs which led fires on street and one police was wounded. 

The demonstrators also attacked the police by bricks and created a blockaded around the police station despite the police’s warning to come out of the Sham Shui Po area and calling the rally as an “unauthorized assembly”.

Moreover, the rioters showed their demands that Hong Kong’s leader Carrie Lam stepped down and the police freed arrested protesters. 

The protesters stayed at the Victoria Park and cried out "Give Hong Kong back to us" and "Withdraw the evil law". They also besieged the financial hub and chanted "Liberate Hong Kong, revolution of our time…”

Hong Kong protest had a sign of escalation as the demonstrators had invaded the airport to express their desires to the foreigners. Some of staff of Cathay Pacific who participated in the protest were suspended

Although the Hong Kong’s authorities made great attempts to stabilize the city and China’s Hong Kong and Macau Affairs even warned the protesters not to “play with fire”, the crisis in Hong Kong has not been eased.


Aljazeera, DW, Reuters  ( Van Nguyen )
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