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4/11/2018 2:19:32 PM

Hanoi’s Hang Day Stadium to get USD308m facelift

Hanoi’s Hang Day Stadium will be fully reconstructed in the fourth quarter this year, according Vietnam’s T&T Group.

The renovated Hang Day Stadium will have six stories including four basements. (Photo T&T Group)

“It is not purely a stadium. It will have many other functions. It will have six stories including four basements and it can hold 20,000 viewers. Besides, it has an office area and shopping centres”, said Do Quang Hien, chairman of the board of directors of T&T Group.

As planned, T&T will co-operate with Bouygues Group of France to build the USD 308 million stadium. It will look like a stadium of the English Premier League and it will serve as the home turf of Hanoi FC.

According to Hiển, Hang Day Stadium is now seriously degraded. When the renovations are complete, the stadium will meet FIFA international standards.

Hang Day was built in 1934. Hanoi FC previously called My Dinh Stadium home. In the past, the stadium was also the national team’s home ground. It also hosted clubs like The Cong, Hoa Phat Hanoi and Hanoi ACB.

Hang Day Stadium previously invested VND 10billion (USD 434,800) to upgrade the football field./.

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