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5/9/2018 1:53:20 PM

Hanoi commemorates Russia’s Great Patriotic War

Close to 1,000 people joined the Immortal Regiment procession in Hanoi on May 8th on the occasion of the 73rd anniversary of the victory of Russia’s Great Patriotic War (May 9th, 1945-2017).

Participants of the Immortal Regiment procession in Hanoi on May 8th. (Photos: Russian Embassy in Vietnam)

The event, held by the Russian Embassy in Hanoi, also marked the 43rd anniversary of southern liberation and national reunification (April 30th, 1975-2018) and the 64th anniversary of Dien Bien Phu Victory (May 7th, 1954-2018).

Participants included Vietnamese war veterans and students along with representatives from embassies of Commonwealth of Independent States countries. Many held pictures of their late families’ members, who once fought in the Great Patriotic War and Vietnam’s past struggles for independence.

Photo exhibitions at the procession.

Speaking at the event, Russian Ambassador to Vietnam Konstantin Vnukov said the event was to remember former Soviet Union soldiers’ sacrifice for independence of their homeland and global peace, adding that the celebration has contributed to enhancing the relations between Vietnam and Russia.

The diplomat said the term “Immortal Regiment” was coined in a similar procession in Russia’s Tomsk city in 2012. The procession since then was held annually in many parts of the world, he added.

The diplomat said he expects the activity to become an annual event that spreads through localities of Vietnam.

The Immortal Regiment walk first took place in Vietnam last year.

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