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10/4/2018 4:14:58 PM

Hangeul Day to celebrate in Vietnam

The 9th Hangeul Day Festival will be held at the Ho Chi Minh City University of Technology (HUTECH) on October 14 and at Hanoi University on October 20 to commemorate the 572nd anniversary of Hangeul Proclamation Day.

Photo: ULIS - VNU

The events are expected to receive a participation of students majoring in Korean from universities and colleges all across Vietnam.

Once in every year, the Korean Alphabet Day, known as Hangeul Day is celebrated among Vietnamese universities which teach Korean language for undergraduates.

The meaning of this day is about commemorating the invention and the proclamation of Hangul (한글), the alphabet of the Korean language. However, in Vietnam, this day provides more than that. It is not only an opportunity for Korean students in Vietnam to share their culture with the local people here but also for Vietnamese students to learn more about Korea.

The festival includes various cultural activities and games such as quiz show, Korean culture-related performance contest and kiosks introducing Korean arts, cuisine, and costumes.

The festival was held by Korea Foundation, Korean Cultural Center (KCC), and Korea International Cooperation Agency (KOICA)./.

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