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4/16/2018 3:19:29 PM

Great days in Vietnam

VNF - Working days in Vietnam is a wonderful time, RoK Ambassador to Vietnam Lee Hyuk shared recently when he had just finished his term in Vietnam.

The two years of service are short-lived but give Ambassador Lee Hyuk many memories when witnessing the strong development and cooperation between the two countries. That is when he twice had opportunity to accompany Korean President and his wife to visit Vietnam. That is a busy year with a series of milestones celebrating the 25th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between Vietnam and Korea.

Promote cultural strength

Lee Hyuk began his position as Ambassador of Korean to Vietnam on May 1, 2016. Coming from the country of kimchi and K-pop wave, he determined one of important tasks during his term is to promote the culture of Vietnam and Korea to the people of the two countries, enhancing understanding and promoting closer ties between the two countries.

An event that must be mentioned is “Korean Cultural Days in Hoi 2017” featuring traditional culture of Vietnam and Korea. The highlight of this event is the art shows with paper Hanbok fashion show, famous contemporary art performances of Sachoom and Bibap and  traditional Korean art performances.

Ambassador Lee Hyuk was delighted when the event was held in Hoi An, the world's heritage city, one of the most visited by Korean tourists. He said that while Vietnamese people love food, music and Korean movies, in Korea, dishes such as noodles, noodle soup are loved by Korean people.

In recent years, the two countries have also cooperated very strongly with production projects such as film production, music production. Ambassadors believe in the future there will have many Vietnamese members in popular Korean groups. He thought that the cultural similarities between the two countries would be the basis for further cooperation in this area.

RoK Ambassador to Vietnam Lee Hyuk

As a special affection for Hanoi, Ambassador Lee Hyuk shared that it is not only him but every Korean used to living in Hanoi when returning home still has a long lasting affection and he will surely there are many opportunities to return.

It is because of that love that both the traditional Tet in Hanoi he did not go holiday anywhere to enjoy the full atmosphere in Hanoi. This is also an opportunity for the Ambassador to welcome some of his friends to Vietnam.

With Ambassador Lee Hyuk, the special relationship between Vietnam and Korea is inseparable. In fact, Korea has become the largest foreign investor in Vietnam with a total capital of over USD 50 billion. Vietnam is the fourth largest trade partner of South Korea, namely two-way trade between the two countries in 2016 reached USD 45.1 billion. According to the Ambassador, looking at the results, it is difficult to imagine that bilateral relations have achieved such a great development after 25 years. This is the fruit of economic mutual assistance.

The Ambassador is also impressed and appreciative of the workmanship, as well as the industriousness of Vietnamese workers. This is also the reason for the launch of a wave of Korean investors into the Vietnamese market.

Apart from economics, tourism is also a field where the two countries achieve very good results. In 2017, nearly 1.75 million people visited the two countries, which also shows that Vietnam is the most visited country in South East Asia by Korea. In particular, there are about 130,000 Koreans living and working in Vietnam.

For two years in Vietnam, Ambassador Lee Hyuk always received the sincere feelings of his Vietnamese friends. He also visited many places, met many people, had a deep understanding of the country and people of Vietnam and became close friends of the people of Vietnam.

In the near future, Ambassador Lee Hyuk will be the Secretary General of the Korea-ASEAN Center. "Despite my new position, I will continue to work hard to promote cooperation between Korea and ASEAN in general, between Korea and Vietnam in particular and keep in love with Vietnam," he said.

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