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4/3/2018 3:32:03 PM

Grab – Uber merger, Singaporeans say no benefit

VNF - Many Singaporeans think that the merger of Uber into Grab is not conducive to customers so it needs to be reviewed or suspended.

Uber and Grab headquarter in Singapore

This is the result of an online survey conducted by the market research firm Black Box, which has just been announced in Singapore.

The survey was conducted between March 14 and 23 in Singapore on over 1,000 Singaporeans aged 15 and over who used the Uber and Grab service.

53% of people surveyed said that the merger of these two companies should be reconsidered. 19% requested the suspension of this merger. 13% said let it happen.

54% of surveyed adults aged 25-34 using the services of the two companies at least once a week claimed that the merger was not good for consumers.

A few days ago, the Competition Commission of Singapore (CCS) says it has grounds to suspect that Grab and Uber have infringed the Competition Act and has proposed interim measures to preserve competition while it investigates their merger.

The measures, if implemented, will require Grab and its American ride-hailing rival Uber to maintain independent pricing, pricing policies and product options, as they were before the sale.

Prior to Singapore, Malaysia also announced that the government would supervise and penalize the Grab company under competition law if it was found to increase prices.

In Vietnam, the Competition Management and Consumer Protection Department also tracks this deal on the level of economic concentration.

The agency also asked Grab Taxi to provide information and documents related to the merger in South East Asia, including Vietnam./.

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