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2/11/2019 9:19:19 AM

Golden cup for Vietnam – S. Korea friendship

A contract which was negotiated in the shortest time in the history of soccer took place at the Korean Football Museum early October 2017. Just a half day later, the one whose nickname “Sleeping One” became the head coach of Vietnamese team. Park Hang-seo, the main character in the “love-at-first-sight affair” with Vietnamese football has polished the beauty of Vietnam – S.Korea friendship.

Coming to Vietnam as a football coach, “Sleeping One” could not image that just one year later he had so many nicknames called by the media and players such as “Witch Park”, “Master Park”, “Father Park”. The excellent achievements of Golden Dragons this year is a clear testament for his talent. But what stays deep in the hearts of Vietnamese fans and players is the personality of the Korean coach.

In everyday life, players consider him as both a father and a friend. Captain Van Quyet described him through 3 words "Close, hard, gentle". They held a portrait contest "Lovely strict father" for him. To them, "Adorable strict father" is very humane, fair, transparent, and sincere. He made foot massage for Dinh Trong, masked skin for Quang Hai, Duc Chinh, playing cat bear game with Duc Huy, Tien Linh.

Only one year leading the Vietnamese team, Park Hang Seo's "syndrome" has spread throughout the continent, causing him to say: "2018 is like a miracle, like a fairytale to me." Images of him appear dense on sports pages, television screens in China, Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam such as Fox Sports, Inter Football, Sports Seoul, Korea Times. Asia Journalist Association honors him as “Asia's representative character in 2018".

The matches of the Vietnamese team broadcast on Korea’s SBS channel have reached a record number of viewers (21%), something unprecedented for a program in the prime time in 2018. SBS is now keeping making new episode of show “We will channel you” about Park Hang-seo and the Vietnamese team along with pictures of Hoan Kiem Lake, Hanoi ancient town hosted by famous MC Kang Ho Dong.

In Vietnam, the image of Park Hang Seo not only appears on stadiums and streets in every match from the Asian U23 tournament to the AFF Suzuki Cup but also on cultural publications. Park is present on the cover of the Ky Hoi calendar year of 2019 of Nguoi lao dong newspaper. Painter Tran The Vinh, inspired by the national anthem and national flag, depicted Park Hang-seo spirit and the Vietnamese-Korean friendship. This 73x92 portrait of oil painting, titled “My master”, was auctioned 247,750,000 VND on December 30.

But perhaps the best thing Park and the players have brought is the pride for two countries Vietnam and Korea. The ball not only rolled on the field but also randomly became the symbol of two countries today and the future.

Football and sport nowadays are increasingly influencing politics, economy, diplomacy and culture. In 2016, Park Chung Gun coach led shooting athlete Hoang Xuan Vinh to win the Gold Medal of Rio Olympic - Brazil. In 2018, coach Park Hang Seo and the Vietnam national team won the AFF Suzuki Cup championship.

Thanks to the policy "New South", Vietnam become the most attractive investment destination for Korean entrepreneurs. In 1992, Korean FDI to Vietnam was only 500 million USD. The Vietnam – Korean Free Trade Agreement and the Vietnam – Korea Strategic Partnership have opened an unprecedented roadmap for culture and economy. Since 2014, Korean FDI has surpassed Japan, becoming the largest investor in Vietnam. As of July 2018, Korea invested in Vietnam 7080 projects, with a capital of 65 billion USD. At the APEC Conference 2017, President Moon Jae In stated that by 2020, Korea's FDI in Vietnam could reach approximately 100 billion USD. In 2017, nearly two and a half million Korean tourists came to Vietnam. Export turnover of Vietnam to Korea in the first 7 months of 2018 reached 10 billion USD, up by 32% over the same period in 2017.

Vietnam receives capital, investment technology from Korea and also acquires and learns Hallyu culture (Korean Wave). Since the 1980s, Hallyu has helped the Korean economy overcome its ethnic and historical obstacles, spreading to 120 countries and territories around the world.

Besides large corporation such as Samsung, LG, Lotte, Possco and Daewoo, movies, music, tourism, sports, cosmetics, beauty industry create sustainable development in Vietnam. Popular Korean dramas like Glass Slippers, Jewel in the Palace, Lovers in Paris, Descendants of the Sun, is no stranger to Vietnamese audiences.

The inspiration from Hallyu gave birth to Korean - Vietnamese collaborative cinematographic works such as "Mui ngoc gai", "Golden bride", "Youth". Hallyu inspiration brought Vietnamese music stars like My Tam, Noo Phuoc Thinh, Dong Nhi ... to shine on the Korean stage.

Vietnam and South Korea have many similarities in history, humanity, traditional customs, religion and geopolitics. Korean folk have the idiom "The shrimp is always on the side of the crab" (meaning the same cultural and personality background should stick together). Korea and Vietnam have been and are forever like "shrimp" with "crab". 

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