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12/28/2018 2:26:05 PM

French diplomat registers for organs donation

According to information from the National Center for Organ Transplant Coordination, attaché of medical cooperation and social development of the French Embassy, Mourez Thomas recently came to the Coordination Center to register for tissue/organ donation.

Trinh Hong Son handed over the registration card for organ donation to Mourez Thomas (second, left).

Mourez Thomas said that in the past, France also carried out the registration of donor tissue/organs the same way as in Vietnam now. He also signed an application for organ donation.

However, in recent years, this French regulation has changed. French citizens are tissue/organ donors by nature, only those who do not want to donate their organs/organs need to fill in a self-denial application form.

This regulation is widely and regularly disseminated in the media. 

It is known that Mourez Thomas has just arrived in Vietnam 2 months ago and will perform his duties in Vietnam for 4 years. 

Mourez Thomas also said that in France, he had two relatives who received organs from people who died from brain death, one who received hearts and the other received kidneys. Having worked in the medical field and having organ recipients in his family, he is very interested in donating his organs and tissues./.

  ( Translated by N.Minh )
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