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5/27/2018 4:47:43 AM

France and US teams lit up Da Nang sky

(VNF) - France and the U.S. teams showed off their performances on the second night of 2018 Da Nang International Fireworks Festival (DIFF 2018) on May 26th.

The two teams offered specular shows of fireworks arts to thousands of audience, tourists and local residents by Han River in Da Nang City. Eight teams including France, the U.S., Italy, Hong Kong (China), Sweden, Portugal, Poland and Vietnam from April 30th to June 30theach performing a fabulous display of fireworks that last for about 20 minutes. On each scheduled day, two teams will perform, and finally, on the last night, the top 3 will compete in the final. The winners are selected by judges.

The host Vietnam and Poland played their performances on April 30th.

Two best teams will play in the final on June 30th.

Here is the schedule of firework performances:

Opening - April 30th (Monday): Vietnam - Poland

Qualifying - May 26th (Saturday): France - USA

Qualifying - June 2nd (Saturday): Italy - Hong Kong

Qualifying - June 9th (Saturday): Sweden - Portugal

Finals - June 30th (Saturday): Finals and Awards

They will begin at 8 PM on the aforementioned nights./.

A low range fireworks of Féérie S.A.S – the France team during the 2018 Da Nang Fireworks Festival on May 26th. (Photos: VNS)

France’s fireworks in the Han River of Da Nang.

A romantic fireworks by French team.

From the country of luxury, Féérie is always remembered for its sensational performances. Each of its fireworks displays is a fantastic and unexpected journey of music and light.

The fireworks performance by Atlas PyroVision, the U.S team.

A combined fireworks of low and high ranges of the U.S. team.

Slow rock of fireworks of the U.S. team during the third night of Da Nang International Fireworks Festival.

Atlas PyroVision is a world-class firework display company based in New England, U.S.

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