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1/10/2018 2:24:18 PM

Former US Secretary of State John Kery: Vietnam an ideal place to develop renewable energy

VNF - John Kerry, the former Secretary of State, Honorary President of the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, has frankly shared opportunities as well as challenges of Vietnam when developing coal-fired power plants. At the same time, the former Secretary of State said that Vietnam is a great place to develop renewable energy.

US Former Secretary of State John Kery

Vietnam is facing growth problems and pressures on energy shortages in the future. Vietnam's current electricity production is based primarily on coal. Do you think this is a big challenge and what advice do you have for Vietnam?

Former US Secretary of State John Kery: "Vietnam is overly reliant on coal-fired power, which I has mentioned to Vietnamese leaders from the prime minister to the ministers when I was Secretary of State.

Today, the world is looking to reduce dependence on coal, all countries contribute to joint efforts to reduce pollution, increase the advantages and added value of energy to the development.

Vietnam is now in a great position to move to clean energy and renewable energy. Vietnam has a lot of potential in mixed energy, including wind, fusion or hydropower. These are the conditions for Vietnam to be more flexible in choosing a strategy for sustainable energy development in the future.

"Coming to Vietnam this time, we want to cooperate and help Vietnam to follow the strategy of developing renewable energy based on available advantages," said Kerry.

In addition to the opportunities for Vietnam to develop renewable energy for future sustainable development, the former Secretary of State also pointed out that the current situation of coal energy development is causing bad impacts on the environment, life and growth.

Mr Kerry said: "Every Vietnamese wants to own clean energy, because it is cleaner and cheaper than coal. In addition, solar, wind, and biomass are superior to coal in all aspects, such as zero disease, ensure air quality, and water circulation.

"We can change the cost of productivity, the cost of health, the quality of life, the water and the reduction of the amount of carbon dioxide in the air through renewable energy.and the fact that coal energy it is increasingly expensive, "warns Kerry.

Former US Secretary of State said China is increasingly using solar energy and is moving its coal-fired technologies to other countries, including Vietnam. This is something we need to take into account.

Mr Kerry emphasized that Vietnam really needs to build a mechanism so that its people can use clean energy with less budget.

The  Carnegie Endowment for International Peace President suggests, today's technology has changed dramatically; today wind and solar power are completely overwhelming. Looking at the negative effects of coal, such as illness, air pollution, noise or resource dependency, it is clear that Vietnam has potential to develop of wind, solar and biomass.

"I am very pleased to work with Vietnam to develop a clean, sustainable economy based on clean energy," says Kerry. "I think it is important to make policies that people can use and understand how green energy, renewable energy is needed for life and sustainable development in the present and in the future."/.

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