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3/5/2018 3:16:40 PM

Fifth death anniversary of Commander Hugo Chavez commemorated in Hanoi

(VNF) - The Venezuelan Embassy in Hanoi held a photo exhibition entitled “Hugo Chavez and Vietnam” on March 5th to commemorate the fifth death anniversary of the late Venezuelan Commander-in-Chief Hugo Chavez Frias.

Venezuelan Ambassador Jorge Rondon Uzcategui recalls Hugo Chavez’s contributions.

The event drew the participation of diplomats from foreign embassies and representatives of friendship organisations in Vietnam.

At the event, Venezuelan Ambassador Jorge Rondon Uzcategui recalled the late leader’s significant contributions to the liberation and development of the Latin American country.

He also highlighted that this photo exhibition, in addition to tribute to Venezuelan great leader, is a recognition of the love and admiration of Commander Chavez to the heroic people of Vietnam included President Ho Chi Minh and General Vo Nguyen Giap.

On behalf of the Vietnam Union of Friendship Organisation’s leaders, the Standing Vice President of the Vietnam-Venezuela Friendship Association Le Duy Truyen said Hugo Chavez himself initiated and materialised a new socialism model of the 21st century, an administration of the people and a new internationalism in Latin America.

He also spoke highly of efforts made by Venezuelan leaders to continue upholding the missions and ideas of the late President.

Vice President of the Vietnam-Venezuela Friendship Association Le Duy Truyen stresses Vietnamese always remember Venezuelan people’s support.

“The pictures which are showed today, remind us, some activities of friendship, brotherhood and cooperation between people and leaders of the two countries. When President Hugo Chavez was still alive, he dedicated special affection to the people of Vietnam. He greatly contributed to strengthen the friendship, solidarity and cooperation between the two peoples. Since the victory of Chavez in the presidential election in February 1999, the friendship and multi-faceted cooperation between Vietnam and Venezuala has been pushed to a new step,” he stressed in his speech.

Vietnamese people will never forget the valuable support and contributions of the late President and Venezuelan people during Vietnam’s struggles for independence and reunification, as well as the national construction process.

The Vietnam Union of Friendship Organisation and the Vietnam-Venezuela Friendship Association will do its best, to enhance the solidarity and maintain and uphold the two countries’ fine relations, which were fostered by Hugo Chavez and various generations of leaders from the two countries, he affirmed.

Venezuelan Ambassador Jorge Rondon Uzcategui introduces to his guests photos at the exhibition.

President Hugo Chavez Rias died of cancer on March 5th, 2013 at the age of 58. He is considered as a revolutionary icon of Latin America and founded the revolutionary movement People’s Liberation Army of Venezuela in 1977. Chavez dedicated 36 years of his life to revolutionary activities, including 15 years as the President of Venezuela and opening a new chapter for the Latin American country.

In 2006, Hugo Chavez visited Vietnam and had the opportunity to meet with General Vo Nguyen Giap. The visit left many good feelings in the heart of the Vietnamese people./.

Minh Chau  
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