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4/12/2016 5:34:12 AM

Extending visa validity for US citizens traveling for business and tourism

(VNF) - The Vietnamese National Assembly approved a plan to issue 12-month, multiple-entry visas to Americans who travel temporarily for business (B-1) or tourism (B-2).

The new reciprocity arrangement, which is expected to enter into force in late May or early June, will benefit American and Vietnamese tourists and business travelers, generating new opportunities for trade, investment and tourism.

The successful conclusion of the arrangement underscores the commitment of the two sides to improve the bilateral relationship by expanding existing trade and economic opportunities and developing people-to-people ties.

Based on the arrangement, Vietnam will issue multiple-entry visas valid up to 12 months to US citizens who wish to travel for short-term business or tourism and who otherwise meet the requirements to enter Vietnam.

The previous maximum validity for Vietnamese visas issued for these purposes was, in most cases, three months with just a single entry. The US will continue to issue multiple-entry visas valid up to one year to Vietnamese citizens entering the US temporarily for business or tourism.

While the US and Vietnam will, in principle, issue maximum validity visas to each other’s citizens, each side may limit visa validity and entry times for individual applicants on a case-by-case basis in accordance with applicable laws and regulations.

In the fiscal year 2015, the US Mission to Vietnam issued a record number of non-immigrant visa applications for Vietnamese citizens - nearly 75% of these were for temporary business and tourism in the US./.

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