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1/11/2018 10:53:24 AM

Expedition tours exploring the world’s fourth largest cave to open

Since 2018 January, Quang Binh Province has licensed to open expedition tours to Pygmy Cave, the world’s fourth largest cave in the territory of local Phong Nha-Ke Bang National Park, Bo Trach District.

Pygmy Cave, Quang Binh Province.

Accordingly, Pygmy Cave was licensed for tourism activities by Quang Binh Province. Pygmy Cave is considered the fourth largest cave in the world with stretching only 845 meters in length and 94 meters deep and. The caves are surrounded by primeval forests boasting high biodiversity and scenic landscapes.

In the morning, the light can penetrable cave. The mouth of the cave is the place where tourist camp and sleeping over in the second night. There is a flow from the ceiling inside Pygmy cave. It is used as drinking, eating and subsistence water. The expedition tour is about 3 days and 2 nights will give you a wonderful chance to explore the Pygmy Cave.

Accordingly, visitors to central Quang Binh Province will get a chance to visit three caves that were recently discovered in the territory of local Phong Nha-Ke Bang National Park. The province People’s Committee has allowed a local company, Jungle Boss, to exploit the caves of Pygmy, Over and Dai A for tourism purposes. The caves are adjacent, with Pygmy 845m long, Dai A 1,616m long, and Over 3,244m long. There are part of the Vom cave system in the park’s ecological restoration zone.

Dai A Cave, previously known as Tiger Cave, stretches 1,616 meters in length and reaches as deep as 46 meters from its opening, which measures over 50 meters in diameter. Over Cave is located 100 meters from Dai A Cave, running 3,244 meters long and 104 meters deep, with the widest section measuring up to 125 meters in diameter.

The journey into the depths of the jungle in 3 days and 2 nights requires porters, safety advisers and guides. On the first day of journey, tourists will meet their guide and have a briefing about the adventure that awaits them. Sign all documents provided then jump back in the mini bus to begin their adventure.

Tourist will drive one hour along Road 20 on the Ho Chi Minh highway. Upon reaching the 24th km check point at the trailhead tourists will start their trek. Tourists will then reach the Tiger Cave, explore 1.5km into it’s depths and marvel at the formations inside. Swin in it’s depths and hike through the mouth of the cave. Set up camp and enjoy a mouthwatering dinner prepared by team of porters.

On the second days, tourists can start their trek at around 9 am. Trek through pristine jungle inside the cave to reach the entrance of Hang Over cave. Tourists will then start their cave expedition of 3,2km through the cave marveling at its beauty to reach the magnificent exit. Trek a further 300m through another tropical jungle in the cave to reach the entrance of Pygmy cave.

Using safety harnesses and your newly learnt skill you will begin your 150m decent into the cave making a number of small climbs using the safety equipment and safety lines provided your guide and safety team will help you navigate your way down into the heart of the cave. Carry on your adventure trekking 800m inside the cave to the second campsite inside the pigmy cave. Again devour an amazing meal all prepared by our team.

On the third days, start your trek by navigating over sharp rock up a very steep incline to reach the top of the valley. You will then make your way down into the valley itself. This is a very hard part of the trek and takes around 2 hours in total to complete. After exploring the valley you will have a slight uphill trek toward the roadside. Cold drinks await you at roadside of the 25th km check point as you celebrate having completed your adventure./.

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