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4/9/2015 8:04:34 PM

Expanding online training on Korean studies in Vietnam

(VNF) - The Academy of Journalism and Communication and the University of Sookmyung from Korea opened a KF Global e-School in Hanoi on April 8th under the sponsorship of Korea Foundation (KF).

Ms Hwang Sun Hye, Rector Sookmyung University; Dr. Truong Ngoc Nam, Director of the Academy of Journalism and Communication, and Mr Park Kyoung Chul, Country Director of KF attended the event.

This course abroad with online lectures through partnerships between Korean and foreign universities covers public policy in Korea, using English language for 26 outsanding Vietnamese students in the second semester of the 2014-2015 academic year who are specialized in International relations.

Since 2014, KF has provided online lectures for some of Vietnamese educational units in the filed of Korean studies. This year, the number of beneficiaries has increased to seven, covering courses on public policy (Academy of Journalism and Communication in cooperation with the University of Sookmyung), Korean society (University of Social Sciences and Humanities under Vietnam National University- Ho Chi Minh city in relations with the Chung Ang Univeristy), and modern culture and society of Korea (the Hanoi University of Culture links with the Chung Ang University).

Online training courses on history, culture, society and political economy of Korea which provide by the Universities of Seoul, Chung Ang, and Sookmyung including a real-time online video lecture series between Korean and foreign university students with a Q and A section, thus expanding Korean studies courses in regions lacking Korean studies experts.

The model is expected to develop more in the near future, thanks to a solid foundation of Vietnam’s information and telecommunications./.

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