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7/10/2019 3:22:49 PM

European powers urges meeting on Iran nuclear issue

Britain, Germany, France (E3) and other European Union countries called for an urgent meeting of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) which was known as 2015 nuclear deal parties to discuss the Iran’s nuclear compliance after criticizing Iran of “pursuing activities inconsistent with its commitments”.
President Hassan Rouhani threatened to raise amount of uranium enrichment (photo: VOA)
After Iran threatened to launch enriching uranium beyond 3.67% which breached the 2015 nuclear deal, E3 and other European Union countries called for an urgent meeting among involved parties to deal with the Iran nuclear issue on July 9th.

The foreign ministers of European powers stated “These compliance issues must be addressed within the framework of the JCPOA, and a Joint Commission should be convened urgently” and urged Iran to abide the nuclear deal “Iran has stated that it wants to remain within the JCPOA. It must act accordingly by reversing these activities and returning to full JCPOA compliance without delay,”

The Joint Commission was chaired by the European Union’s top diplomat Federica Mogherini to discuss and find the solution for the issue.


According to JCPOA, Iran must decrease its nuclear producing in exchange of getting sanctions lifted from the US and its allies. However, the US decided to withdraw from the agreement on May, 2018 and imposed economic sanctions, included banning US companies and its allies from importing Iranian oil.

Although European powers opposed the US's decision, they played as a middle point to de - escalated the confrontation between US and Iran

The tension between US and Iran was escalated in the early 2019 when Iran warned to restart its nuclear program to retaliate US’s actions. Iran also emphasize Iran will comply the 2015 nuclear deal if European powers guarantee Iran economic interest.
Reuters  ( Van Nguyen )
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