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8/3/2018 4:56:45 PM

Dr.Rafael Hernandez: Vietnam's experience in people-to-people diplomacy can benefit Cuba

(VNF) – Vice President, General Secretary of the Vietnam Union of Friendship Organization (VUFO), Don Tuan Phong, on August 2 held a reception for Dr. Rafael Hernandez, who will speak in an information-sharing session on Cuba’s current situation on August 3.

(From left) Dr.Hernandez, Director of the Fund for Reconciliation and Development John McAuliff and VUFO Vice President Don Tuan Phong in the meeting. (Photo: PY)

During the meeting, Dr.Hernandez expressed his gladness to come back to Vietnam and thanked VUFO for the precious supports which contributed largely to the success of his seminar themed "Comparative Analysis in Vietnam, China and Cuba towards the USA" held in Hanoi in 2014.

According to Dr. Hernandez, he came back to Vietnam not only to chair the information-sharing session on the situation of Cuba, but furthermore, to observe and gain more insights of Vietnam’s renewal process and development in various aspects, and select the most suitable lessons to apply in Cuba. 

He also spoke highly of VUFO’s role in people-to-people diplomacy, and expressed his hope that VUFO’s experiences in this respect would be shared with the Cuban Institute of Friendship with the Peoples (ICAP), to help them fulfill their tasks in nurturing the friendship between Cuba and peoples of other countries, especially the US.

VUFO Vice President, Don Tuan Phong, for his part, expressed his appreciation for Dr. Hernandez’s dedication to fostering the friendship and solidarity between Vietnam and Cuba, as well as between Cuba and other peoples.

According to him, for many years, VUFO always regards ICAP as a trusted and important partner, and will continue to stand by ICAP, contributing to the development of Cuba in general and Cuba’s foreign affairs in particular.

Dr.Rafael Hernandez appreciates Vietnam's experiences in people-to-people diplomacy. (Photo: PY)

Dr. Rafael Hernandez is a senior scholar in international politic, the renewal process and opening policy of Vietnam and China. He is also founding editor of the Temas, a journal published by the Cuban Ministry of Culture. Dr.Hernandez is currently teaching at the School of Marxism in People’s University in Beijing, China.

Since the year 2013, Dr. Hernandez has come to Vietnam several time, of which two of his visits were facilitated by the Vietnam – USA Society in 2013 and 2014./.

  ( Phi Yen )
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