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2/21/2018 10:11:51 AM

Discovering Cu Lan village in poetic city of Da Lat

(VNF) - Da Lat always presents in Vietnam tourism map as one of the “must-come” names. The city is considered as “little Paris” of Vietnam, with Xuan Huong lake, Cu hill, Tinh Yeu valley, Cam Ly waterfall, etc. However, over the pass few years, Cu Lan village has emerged as a attractive destination, drawing travellers come to Da Lat.

Cu Lan village is situated in the middle of a small and pristine valley in Da Lat. (Source: Cu Lan village)

Cu Lan is a peaceful village of the K’Ho ethnicity in Lam Dong province. Tiny stilt houses, pure air, and warm-hearted people attract tourists to the village.

The village, established in 1960s, is the base of K’Ho people (an ethnic minority of Voetnam). The palin residents of Cu Lan mostly live by hunting and cultivating. They usually went into the forest and hunted a unique animal called “Loris”. That is the reason why the village has name “Cu Lan” (Cu lan is Vietnamese name of Loris).

Timid woodland animals called Cu Lan. (Photo: VOV)

The village is nestled in a forest at the foot of Lang Biang mountain in Lac Duong District, 20km from Da Lat. Here, the K'ho, one of the 54 ethnic groups of Vietnam, live in stilt houses that lean against the steep slope.

Entering the village, tourists will feel the peaceful, prestine, pure and stunning beauty. You totally forget the tiredness and harmornise with the nature, with green forest, charming pine hill, the babble of the stream, fresh lake, flower gardens and small cute houses. The combination among wild nature, poetic landscapes and exciting daily life of local people will blow your mind away and take your breath.

Some visitors like to walk along the small paths connecting the small thatched-roof houses. Others prefer to venture over rush bamboo bridges to meadows of purple, violet, and yellow daylilies.

Others choose to take a jeep to explore the hillside roads.

Visitors can experience walking on a suspension bridge crossing high above the stream. (Source: Cu Lan village)

Cu Lan Village offers numerous activities such as kite flying, hiking, boat rowing, fishing, picnicking, folk games and gong performances. There's even an art gallery.

The village’s rows of houses on wooden stilts are reflected by a large lake as if in a a mirror. The nightly rate for these houses is rather expensive at VND 1 million (USD 44) per night.

On holidays, boat races are held. At night, glowing lanterns give the village an air of mystery. 

No one forgets a visit to Cu Lan, one of the most fascinating villages in the Central Highlands./.    

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