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3/5/2018 9:31:49 AM

Denmark to assist Vietnam in safe pig meat production

(VNF) – A research project on health and antibiotics in Vietnamese pig production (VIDAPIG), sponsored by Denmark, was recently launched with an official inception workshop.

Trong hình ảnh có thể có: 24 người, mọi người đang cười, mọi người đang ngồi, bàn và trong nhà

Delegates at the launching ceremony (source: Danish Embassy in Vietnam)

VIDAPIG is co-run by the University of Copenhagen, the Vietnamese National Institute of Veterinary Research, the National Institute of Nutrition, the International Livestock Research Institute. The project is funded by the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs through the “Partnering with Denmark” programme.

The joint project’s purpose is to identify factors and usage patterns influencing veterinary health management and drug use practices in pig farms. Moreover, it aims to facilitate the establishment of prudent and scientifically based antimicrobial usage practices in consistent with the “One Health” approach.

These activities will be supplemented with a Strategic Sector Cooperation (SSC) scholarship programme, which provides capacity building in food safety to Vietnamese partners through extensive training in Denmark.

Minister for Development Cooperation of Denmark, Ulla Tørnæs, visits a pork selling point in Ngoc Ha market in May 2017 (source:

Danish pig production is characterised by high food safety standards and good animal health.

For more than 100 years, the production of pigs and pig meat has been a major source of income for Denmark. Around 90 percent of the production is exported and is thereby essential to the Danish economy and the balance of trade. The Danish pig industry is among the world leaders in areas such as breeding, quality, food safety, animal welfare and traceability.

The joint project, therefore, is expected to vastly benefit Vietnam’s pig husbandry and meat production./.

  ( Phi Yen )
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