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10/6/2016 3:26:47 PM

Defence Minister pledges to maintain peaceful environment for development

General Ngo Xuan Lich, Politburo member and Minister of National Defence, on October 5th met with voters in Duy Tien district of the northern province of Ha Ham, in which he asserteding that the Party and State viewpoint on maintaining peaceful environment for development.

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During the meeting, regarding issues in the East Sea, voters showed their consensus over the Party and State guideline and viewpoint in addressing disputes by diplomatic activities in line with international laws, and maintaining a peaceful, stable and cooperative environment for development.

According to voters, over the past years, the Party and State have issued a wide range of guidelines to reinforce defence and security, protecting the national independence, sovereignty and territorial integrity, and building a modern army. As a result, Vietnam has ensured peace and economic growth with remarkable improvement of people’s living standards.

Voters suggested that State should have prompt and effective measures to prevent the operation running reactionary contents which distort the essence of the Party, State or leaders of the country. They also showed their concern over environmental pollution, food safety, agricultural production, farmers and rural areas.

Addressing the meeting, General Ngo Xuan Lich informed the voters of the world and regional situation, confirming the consistent viewpoint of the Party and State consistent viewpoint in maintaining independence, sovereignty and territorial integrity; ensuring peaceful and stable environment for national development; and reinforcing national defence.

The General stressed that despite convenient conditions, the domestic situation was facing diverse complex development. Many reactionary people tried to find way to destroy the Party, State as well as people’s revolutionary achievements. “However, the Party has accurate guidelines and staff to carry out its guidelines to the people, promote the role of the whole political system, and gain people’s trust,” he added. “Therefore, we will overcome every difficulty to boost national development.”

He confirmed that voters’ concerns would be reflected with in the National Assembly for discussion and settlement, while issues which could be addressed by Ha Nam province should receive specific actions from the Party organizations and authorities.

According to the General, to boost socio-economic development in Ha Nam in general and in Duy Tien district in particular, the locality should issue policies to attract young talented young individuals./.

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