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1/6/2018 12:59:09 PM

Deepening Vietnam – Cambodia’s friendship, solidarity

(VNF) - A get-together to mark the 39th anniversary of the southwest border defense war victory and the valuable support given by the Vietnamese people and army to liberate Cambodia from the genocidal Pol Pot regime (January 7th, 1979-2018), was held in the Dong Nai province and Ho Chi Minh City on January 5th.

Establishing the Vietnam-Cambodia Friendship Association of former Dong Nai’s experts

Senior defense officials, former Vietnamese experts and volunteer soldiers who took part in the southwest border defense war attended the event. 

The victory was the fruit of the struggle of the Cambodian people and armed forces under the leadership of the Cambodian United Front for National Salvation with valuable assistance from Vietnamese volunteer soldiers.

The January 7th, 1979 victory saved the Cambodian People’s lives, ended the worst period in Cambodian history and opened a new era in which Cambodians regained their freedom, honor, dignity, and the right  to master their own fate, laying a foundation for national restoration, construction and development.

The Decision to establish a Vietnam-Cambodia Friendship Association of former Dong Nai’s experts presented at the meeting.

Tran Thanh Hung, President of the Vietnam-Cambodia Friendship Association, affirmed that the solidarity between the Vietnamese and Cambodian people is an invaluable asset, built up through many blood and tears. Today, the friendship between the two peoples continues to grow strongly.

Hung expressed his wish for the young generation to continue to preserve, nurture and promote the tradition of solidarity between the two peoples, and at the same time take good care of wounded soldiers and martyrs' families who made great contributions to friendship between the two nations.

At the ceremony, the Vietnam-Cambodia Friendship Association has handed over a Decision to establish a Vietnam-Cambodia Friendship Association of former Dong Nai’s experts. On this occasion, the Provincial Union of Friendship Organisations also expressed the gratitude towards the war invalids and martyrs' families participating in international missions in Cambodia.

The friendly gather of former experts, war invalids, martyrs' families in Ho Chi Minh City

Art performance at the gather. (Photo: VOH online)

Speaking at the ceremony, Truong Minh Nhut, President of Ho Chi Minh’s Vietnam-Cambodia Friendship Association said that the 7th of January is the historical milestone of the spirit of the international solidarity and the loyal, special friendship between the two peoples of Cambodia; and open new page in the neighboring relations between the two countries.

Since then, economic cooperation between the two countries continues to expand. In 2017, Vietnam's total registered investment in Cambodia reached over USD 3.5 billion, with more than 184 projects, ranking fifth among largest foreign investors and the third largest trading partner of Cambodia, concentrated in the areas of telecommunications, banking, energy, rubber plantation, agricultural product processing, fertilizer, etc.

Im Hen - Consul General of the Kingdom of Cambodia in Ho Chi Minh City, expressed his pleasure at the development of the friendship between Vietnam and Cambodia and noted the great sacrifice of the Vietnamese volunteer army to help liberate the Cambodian people from from the killings of brutal Pol Pot regime and opened a new era of independence, freedom, democracy, and development for Cambodia./.

Translated by Minh Chau  
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