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2/26/2018 9:26:57 AM

Dazzling displays and lavish costumes as Chingay goes to final night

The streets of Chinatown were awash in light and colour on Sunday (February 25th) as the Chingay Parade rolled into the precinct to end off the Chinese New Year celebrations.

Floats at the Chingay Night Fiesta. (Photo: Gaya Chandramohan)

Visitors dances. (Photo: Gaya Chandramohan)

About 2,000 visitors were at Eu Tong Sen Street and New Bridge Road to lap up the visual spectacle of elaborately decorated parade floats with all its noise and gaiety.

A woman poses for a photo with float performers. (Photo: Christy Yip)

The razzle-dazzle of light displays and the splendour of close to 150 local and international performers decked out in a stunning array of costumes and props also contributed to the heady evening.

Korean dancers perform at the Chingay Night Fiesta. (Photo: Christy Yip)

Performers from Thailand perform onstage at the Chingay Night Fiesta. (Photo: Gaya Chandramohan)

Dancers from Russia. (Photo: Gaya Chandramohan)

Hailing from countries like Russia, Thailand, Korea and Malaysia, the performers whirled and twirled in elegant dances and animated routines to enthrall scores of mobile phone and camera-clutching spectators.

After a night of colourful revelry, the crowd was treated to a rousing display of fireworks and firecrackers as the 46th Chingay Parade drew to a close.

The evening culminates in an exhilarating display of fireworks and firecrackers. (Photo: Gaya Chandramohan)

Chingay is a unique Singaporean Lunar New Year tradition, held during the first weekend of the Lunar New Year. Since its inception in 1973, the festival has now become one of the largest and most indispensable events in the cultural and spiritual life of Singaporean people.

About 6,500 performers took part in this year’s Chingay parade, the 46th of its kind. The 2018 event left strong impressions on attendees with featured performances from cultural inserts of Singapore and countries around the world, including vibrant floats, dancing dragons, prancing lions, stilt walkers, circus and magic, performers of different races in their traditional costumes, and many more.

Vietnam’s unique culture was showcased at the largest street performance and float parade in Asia, as an art delegation from the Ho Chi Minh City Light Music Centre participated from February 23rd -24th.

In addition to advertising Ao Dai (Vietnamese traditional long dress), artists also presented the unique qualities of cultural and art renditions imbued with Vietnamese identities to millions of Chingay participants and spectators through graceful traditional dances./.

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