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5/26/2019 11:29:51 AM

Dao Co - natural space among Hung Yen city

The heart of Hung Yen city is remarked by the island of wildlife among An Vu Lake: Dao Co which is the home of thousands of storks. Dao Co brings the travelers the peaceful atmosphere and poetic landscape when visiting to this attractive place.


Dao Co. (Photo: hungyentourism)

The name “Dao Co” literately means the island of storks. For that reason, this lake island is the habitat of diverse storks such as: white storks, black storks and yellow billed storks… Besides, the island is fulfilled by the trees (bamboos are the majority) that provides the green environment for both the storks and the visitors.

According to people in Hung Yen, most of the storks usually fly to the sandbars of Red River or Tra Ly River and Luoc River to search for their food in the morning and they come back to the lake island in the evening. Therefore, the early morning and the evening (5pm) are the suitable times to see the storks’ moving for someone who prefer the exploration.

Visitors have an opportunity not only to see the storks, but also to experience the punting on the lake for the watching plants and animals around the area of the island (e.g, fish and lotus) and the sight on the lake’s bank. On the other hand, visitors are also received the friendly and endearing welcome from the local people on the lakeside.


Beside Pho Hien – the historical sight, Dao Co is another perfect place that cannot be ignored on the list of tourists’ sightseeing if having a trip to Hung Yen province./.

Thanh Van  
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