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7/19/2018 12:02:20 PM

Dak Nong: Avocado festival of M’Nong ethnic group re-enacted

A festival celebrating the avocado season was held in Dak R’Moan commune of the Central Highlands of Dak Nong on July 18.

Head of Dak R’Moan hamlet starts the ritual. (Source: VNA)

The event is a re-enactment of a harvest festival of the M’Nong ethnic group, part of a programme themed “Dak Nong: Ripe Avocado Season” to promote avocados, a specialty fruit of the province.

It saw the participation of representatives from the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation on a working trip in Dak Nong, tourists and local residents.

Chicken blood is mixed with wine to spread on ripe avocados. (Source: VNA)

A welcome ceremony for guests was held before the praying ritual began. The female host and visitors sang together while other family members played the gong and danced to welcome guests.

Offerings included the province’s specialties that are in season, namely avocado, rice and corn. The head of the ritual prayed to invite deities and ancestors to the festival and ask for good health and bumpy crops.

Elder Y Jong, 84, in Dak R’Moan village said the festival is the largest celebration during harvest time when local people show their gratitude to farm produce.

Local resident and foreign visitor drink alcohol together at the avocado festival. (Photo: VNA)

Vice Chairwoman of the provincial People’s Committee Ton Thi Ngoc Hanh said the avocado has become Dak Nong’s staple, which serves as a stable source of income for local residents.

The programme aims to popularise Dak Nong avocados among consumers, improve the local fruit’s value, and affirm the position of Vietnamese avocados – especially those of Dak Nong – on the world market.

House owner presents a bracelet of health to a visitor after the ceremony. (Source: VNA)

Dak Nong is one of the provinces with the biggest avocado farming areas and output in Vietnam. It is currently home to nearly 2,600ha of avocado trees, accounting for some 20 per cent of the local fruit cultivating area, with an average output of 10-15 tonnes per ha. Avocado farming is particularly concentrated in Dak Mil, Dak R’lap, Dak Song, and Dak Glong districts, and Gia Nghia town.

With its terrain, climate, and soil conditions different from those of other provinces, Dak Nong is able to plant many avocado varieties bearing fruit from January to November. Local avocados are also preferred by domestic and foreign consumers thanks to their larger size, appealing appearance and rich nutrition./.

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