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12/10/2018 9:23:13 AM

Czech – Vietnam Associations attempts to protect Vietnam image in Czech Republic

VNF - In 2018, the Association has repeatedly defended the rights of Vietnamese people in general and Vietnamese workers in particular in the Czech Republic.

The Czech - Vietnamese Association will continue to protect the legitimate rights of the Vietnamese people in the Czech Republic, promote the integration of the community into the local society, and strengthen the friendship, the understanding between two peoples. These are orientations set for 2019 by the Association at the 2018 closing ceremony in Prague on December 8.

As an organization of people who love Vietnam, over 20 years since its founding, the Czech - Vietnam Association always advocated helping communities Vietnam in the Czech Republic to overcome the differences in culture, society and religion to gradually stabilize life.

Especially, in 2018, the Association has repeatedly defended the rights of Vietnamese workers in the Czech Republic, supporting the struggle to protect the sovereignty of the Vietnamese people, as well as reject the false information on Vietnam and the Vietnamese community here.

One of the outstanding contributions of the Association is to connecting Vietnamese workers to work in the Czech Republic. In addition, the association has also raised funds for volunteer activities in Vietnam; actively involved in foreign affairs, economics, culture and sports; promoted exchanges between the Czechs and Vietnamese, contributing to strengthening the solidarity, friendship and understanding between the two peoples.

Mr. Miloš Kusý, President of the Czech - Vietnamese Association said “Next year we will strengthen our support for Vietnam in the struggle for sovereignty of the island, create more jobs for the Vietnamese in the Czech Republic, and ask the Czech government to facilitate the granting of visas to the Vietnamese people who want to live, work and study in the Czech Republic’’.

Mr. Milos Kusy (standing) affirms that the Czech-Vietnamese association always supports Vietnam and the cooperation between Czech and Vietnam.

At the conference, Ms. Tran Thanh Huong, Counselor of Vietnam Embassy and Mr. Nguyen Duy Nhien, President of the Vietnamese Association in the Czech Republic, highly appreciated the outstanding activities of the Czech-Vietnamese Association during the time. At the same time, they hope that the Association will continue to have more practical activities, strengthen the friendship between the two nations, promote the image of Vietnam and support the Vietnamese community to integrate deeply into the host country. 

As a non-profit organization, the Czech-Vietnamese Association has thousands of supporters living in the Czech Republic, Vietnam, Slovakia, Germany, France, the US and Australia. The main purpose of the Association is to help the Vietnamese community integrate into the local society and strengthen the friendship and economic cooperation between the Czech Republic and Vietnam.

Ngoc Tran  
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