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8/14/2019 10:03:39 AM

Clashes end, Hong Kong’s airport resumes opening

Hong Kong International Airport has reopened on Wednesday after the battles between the protesters and the police on Tuesday night which led hundreds of flights to be delayed.

Clashes at Hong Kong International Airport (photo: Aljazeera)

The operations in Hong Kong International Airport has been restarted on Wednesday after the bloody clashes between the demonstrators and the police over Tuesday night.

According to Reuters news agency, nearly 30 rioters still stayed in the airport and the workers was on the duty of cleaning blood from the overnight fight. The check – in counters’ activities were restored that hundreds of passengers who were affected by the canceled flights due to the last violence in the airport can continue their trip.

As the Hong Kong police’s accusation, the protesters had started their violent actions and even “harassed and assaulted a visitor and a journalist”. Five of the large group protesters were arrested which has raised the number of detained rioters to 600 people since the beginning of the protest in March.

Hong Kong International Airport was shut down from Tuesday afternoon as the protesters rallied, chanted and showed their anti – government banners. However, the rioters clashed with the police in the night, they blocked the police’s vehicles outside the airport and the police used pepper spray to stop the rioters.

Furthermore, the demonstrators besiege the restrict area of the airport, brought the luggage trolleys to block the customs checkpoint’s door and prevented the passengers from reaching the immigration zone.

As the rising crisis in Hong Kong, China’s mission to the United Nations stated that Hong Kong protesters’ actions were "showing a tendency of resorting to terrorism".

It also added "The Chinese central government firmly supports Hong Kong Chief Executive Carrie Lam and the HK SAR government in discharging their duties in compliance with the law and supports the Hong Kong police force and judicial organs in enforcing the law decisively".

The US President Donald Trump even called both the demonstrators and authorities “should be calm and safe”.

The violence in Hong Kong has not had a sign of an end when the protesters continue pushing the city into chaos by confrontations with the police and disrupting city’s activities.


Reuters, France 24, Aljazeera  ( Van Nguyen )
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