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7/2/2018 3:33:36 PM

Chuon Lagoon – the infatuated beauty should not be missed

(VNF) - You might have been in Hue, and have had chances to contemplate the beautiful sights of Hue from the ancient imperial tombs to the quiet landscape and spirit of Hue’s pagodas. You might have visited Tam Giang lagoon, Thuan An seaport, etc., but… there is a place you might have not been to – Chuon Lagoon (Đầm Chuồn).

Dam Chuon in Phu Vang District, Thua Thien-Hue province is 10km from the ancient capital city of Hue in central Vietnam. (Photos: Nguyễn Trực‎)

Away approximately more than 10 km from Hue city center, Chuon Lagoon is a part of Tam Giang lagoon system. Just cross the highway No. 49 toward An Truyen village, pass through fragrant ripen rice fields; you will see Dam Chuon Lagoon existing in a peaceful context. Also called Dam Cau Hai, Dam Chuon is a most favourite place in Hue City.

The scenery and human life here seem to exceed too far from normal concepts and standards of beauty. Especially, the nature in Chuon Lagoon is so beautiful in the morning and at the sunsetwith poly-chromatic colors.

Visitors to the former capital of Hue should not miss the peace and quiet provided by a visit to Dam Chuon Lagoon.

Many photographers, both professional and amateur one, come here and “harvest” fantastic photos. Fortunately, Dam Chuon Lagoon still preserves others particular interesting things for anyone to discover. This would an ideal spot for photo lover to capture the moment of simple life.

Coming to Chuon Lagoon, besides watching the nature, you will have opportunities to enjoy the special food here in fresh air. A floating restaurant on the lagoon, which is mainly made from bamboo, will bring you good view and comfortable seat. You can choose either to sit on the table or right at the center of the floor. Young couples often take these opportunities of taking photos to save their sweet moments before having tasty food here.

One thing that you may like most is the very fresh raw fishes here. There are five kinds of famous fish here such as “Ong fish”, “ Dia fish”, Mu fish”, “Nau fish” and especially “ Kinh fish” because the meat of these fishes are tough, sweet and scented . In addition, “Kinh fish” is one of Hue people’s specialty; it is also catched a lot at Chuon lagoon.  

Most local people live by fishing.

The best time to visit here is from lunar April to July annually.

Dam Chuon lagoon is really an ideal place for those who want to experience new feelings, temporarily stay away from the bustle and crowded city to mix them into the nature, inhaling the pure air, eat simple food in the country then their tiresome, sadness will be disappeared. Although it is not sparkling, opulent like other tourist area, Chuon Lagoon is really a favorite destination for many foreign visitors and Vietnamese people./.

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