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3/11/2018 10:41:37 PM

Chair of GAF, Ambassador Pham Hai Bang: Vietnam's great achievements help build trust and confidence

(VNF) – The year 2018 brings about lots of good news when representatives of Vietnam are designated as the holders of an important position in the international arena. On this occasion, The World and Vietnam has conducted an interview with the insider, the Vietnamese Ambassador to Switzerland, Pham Hai Bang.

dai su viet nam tai thuy sy quoc te danh gia cao vi the cua viet nam

Ambassador Pham Hai Bang (R) and President of Switzerland Alain Berset (source: The World and VN)

Congratulation Ambassador on being elected as Chair of the Group of Francophone Ambassador (GAF). Can you share with us your thought and feeling about this milestone?

Thank you for the congratulatory words. I am very delighted to be elected as the Chair of GAF on the first working day of the Lunar New Year 2018. I am also very proud that Vietnam has become the first country selected for this position following the post of Switzerland.

Furthermore, I am delighted to see the trusts and confidence all GAF members have for us. This election result reflects the significant role Vietnam plays in the Francophonie community.

On that special day, there was a memorable moment at the end of the working session, when all Ambassadors came to congratulate me on being elected and voiced their hope that Vietnam will perform greatly as GAF Chair. Some even emphasized their belief that Vietnam will play the role as amazingly like the way the country hosted APEC 2017.

Those words signify that the great achievements Vietnam gained in recent years have nourished the trust of our partners and friends, which lead to increasing the supports for us in international forum.

Could you please share with us on your duties and missions as the Chair of GAF, as well as your plan to organize the Group’s upcoming activities, particularly the Francophonie Week in Switzerland in March?

Based on the rule of OIF, GAF’s activities in Switzerland is similar to those of GAF in Vietnam and other member countries.

Chair of GAF is responsible for coordinating with the standing secretariat, which is the French Department of the Swiss Ministry of Foreign Affairs, to hold periodic meetings and design working agenda, organize the Group’s activities and propose practical initiatives to boost mutual understandings, exchange and cooperations among GAF members.

The first task of GAF Chair will be collaborating with the Swiss Ministry of Foreign Affairs and other diplomatic representative agencies in Switzerland to organize the Francophonie Week in March. The opening ceremony of the event will be held on March 15, in Switzerland’s capital city of Berne.

In this event, GAF Chair will have the honor to present the GAF Award to Claude De Ribeaupierre (as known as Derib), an artist with significant contribution to popularizing and promoting French language and the values of GAF, which are friendship, unification, respect, fairness and tolerance.

Besides these aforementioned activities, the Francophonie Week will be celebrated with a movie screening session, featuring a movie about Dr. Alexandre Yersin (by director Stéphane Kleeb), and other activities to promote Vietnamese culture and cuisines.

dai su viet nam tai thuy sy quoc te danh gia cao vi the cua viet nam

Ambassador Pham Hai Bang and  Swiss Ambassador, immediate past  Chair of GAF, Anne Lugon Moulin (source: The World and VN)

 More positions means more missions and pressures, what is your plan to balance the work of an Ambassador of Vietnam and Chair of GAF?

A prestigious position is always accompanied by responsibility and pressure. Responsibility requires efforts. From my points of view, taking on the role of GAF Chair is a way to realize Vietnam’s foreign affairs policy, which focuses on  multilateralization, diversification of diplomatic ties and proactive international integration.

In addition to working as Chair of GAF, the Vietnamese Embassy in Switzerland is also working as coordinator of the ASEAN committee in Berne, and especially, has to fulfill the role of a diplomatic representative body of Vietnam in the Federation of Switzerland, and also in the  Principality of Liechtenstein.

We are strongly aware of the upcoming challenges facing us, but we firmly believe that, the Vietnamese Embassy, with a unified, responsible, capable and experienced team, together with the strong supports from international friends and partners, will surely fulfill the designated tasks.

At the same time, we take the role of GAF Chair and coordinator of ASEAN as great opportunity to fulfill the missions of a diplomatic representative body of the State of Vietnam in Switzerland and Liechtenstein in all fields, politics, economics, culture and community works.

Thank you ambassador and we wish you success on your journey!

  ( Translated by Phi Yen )
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