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11/29/2017 11:06:51 AM

Book on Cham fairytales published

The first book of Cham fairytales collected and translated into Vietnamese by teacher Kinh Duy Trinh of Binh Thuan Province has been released.   

The cover of Truyện cổ Chăm ( Fairytales of Cham People), the first of a collection of Cham fairytales collected and translated into Vietnamese by teacher Kinh Duy Trinh. (Photo courtesy of Kim Dong Publishing House)

Fairytales of the Cham People contains 25 stories with illustrations by Ton Nu Thi Bich Tram of Kim Dong Publishing House.

They feature stories of gods, forests, animals, friendship, love and offer a window into Cham history, culture and lifestyles.

Kim Dong Publishing House has signed a copyright deal with the author. 

Trinh, 61, who lives in Palay Chavet Village in Tuy Phong District, used to work as a Cham language teacher at pedagogic colleges and universities in the region before moving to the provincial Department of Education and Training. 

He and his colleagues have written and edited 20 books in the Cham ethnic languague that are used in primary schools in Binh Thuan and other provinces. 

He has spent years collecting and translating Chăm fairytales into Vietnamese.

“My collection Truyện cổ Chăm features the best fairytales of the Cham people. Through the book, I wanted to preserve and take Cham culture and literature to young people of different nationalities in Vietnam,” Trinh said

For the compilation and translation, he said he used Cham-Vietnamese-French, Cham-French and Cham-Vietnamese dictionaries. 

“I hope my books will help young readers, particularly children, improve their mind and character.” He said the next book of the series has been completed and will be printed early next year./.

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