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5/8/2018 5:31:24 PM

Binh Duong couple care for dozens of orphans

A couple in the southern province of Binh Duong use their hotel as the accommodation for nearly 40 orphans and two lonely elderly people.

Nguyen Quang Suc, 75, who was born in Ben Tre Province and his wife Do Thi Quy were born in Binh Duong Province. 

Ngoc Quy Hotel turned into the place for orphans and elderly people

Suc had to live at an orphanage when he was small after his parents died. He moved to HCM City to earn a living by opening a shop to repair bikes and motorbikes after growing up. There, he met Quy and then they got married.

By trying to work hard, the couple saved enough to open a guesthouse. Their family’s financial condition much improved since 2002 then they bought a 1,000-square metre land plot in Binh Duong Province to build the 50-room Ngoc Quy hotel.

In 2012, they decided to use the hotel as a centre to take care orphans and lonely elderly people. 

Suc and the orphans

Suc said that as an orphan he understood how hard life could be.

At present, their centre is home to 38 orphans and two lonely elderly people. According to Suc, 15 elderly people previously lived there, but most had died. The couple also held their funerals.

The orphans at the centre have the opportunity to go to school. The children at the centre study quite hard and several of them are presented with certificates of merit.

Every month, besides their own money, the couple also gets financial support from donors for the centre’s operation. Their children help promote the centre and sometimes lend a hand.

“While I am still alive, I’ll try to take care of them,” Suc said. Meanwhile, Quy said that she was very happy to see children’s smiles.

The centre has also opened a traditional medicine clinic to provide free examinations for poor people on every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

The couple have turned down VND12 billion (545,454) offers for their hotel however they have refused.

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