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4/20/2018 8:25:25 AM

“Bared feet, iron will” exhibition held at Hoa Lo Prison

The Management Board of the Hoa Lo Prison Relic Site on April 18 opened a special exhibition titled “Bared feet, iron will” to mark the 43rd anniversary of the Reunification Day – April 30.

The exhibition features 250 photographs and display-items grouped in four themes, namely “Following Uncle Ho’s Footprint,” “Prisons inside out,” ”Bared feet, iron will” and “Vietnamese spirit and wisdom.”

Delegates cutting the ribbon to open the exhibition

The first theme introduces images of President Ho Chi Minh and resounding victories of the Vietnamese revolution in the 20th century. The second theme shows soldiers’ iron will to turn even colonial prisons into schools. The third theme introduces images of respected Generals Vo Nguyen Giap, Nguyen Chi Thanh, Van Tien Dung, Chu Huy Man, Hoang Van Thai, who were not only the brilliant disciples of President Ho Chi Minh, but also pioneers ready to sacrifice their lives to inspire other soldiers. The final theme shows the iron will of the Vietnamese people in fighting to earn victories for the national freedom and independence.

Visitors at the exhibition

At the opening ceremony, Major Generals Huynh Dac Huong and Nguyen Duc Minh shared their memories in the glorious resistance wars. They then presented their valuable keepsakes to the Management Board of the Hoa Lo Prison Relic Site.

On this occasion, the Management Board of Hoa Lo Prison Relic Site also debuted two exhibition spaces: “Dien Bien Phu 1954 - a glorious milestone” and “Golden Victory – 1975.”

The exhibition is meaningful as it serves to express Vietnamese gratitude to national heroes./.

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