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5/15/2018 10:20:51 AM

Balloon puppet popularity reaches new heights

Puppets made from balloons telling stories of princess, animals and the ocean are this summer’s big hit - especially to the younger generation.

Puppets made from balloons will tell dramatic stories through hands of controllers. (Photo courtesy of the theatre)

Various puppetry pieces have been introduced at the Thang Long Water Puppetry Theatre.

And while they will obviously entertain, they also serve a message about important environmental issues.

The artists direct the pieces with new arrangements and scripts to bring a fresh feel and experience to the audience. And better still it keeps children entertained throughout the summer holidays.

Familiar characters from fairy tales such as Thach Sanh, sleeping beauty, and Princess Elsa will feature in these exciting and dramatic pieces.

“With modern lighting and sound system combined with new directing, the pieces contain values of education and creativity,” said director Chi Kien.

“The pieces send moral lessons in a gentle and easy way for children and they will also raise awareness of environment issues.”

“Hoa Ban Do (Red Orchid) is highly recommended because the piece contains artistic factors including dancing and music.”

Director of the theatre, Chu Luong, said the Thang Long Water Puppetry Theatre (located nearby Sword Lake) has been known among audience and foreign tourists as an attractive destination to enjoy the art.

But in the near future, the artists will create many other puppetry pieces performed on the stage with aim to attract more audiences and bring them more options to enjoy./.

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