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8/28/2019 11:06:29 AM

Australian friends supports children's shelter in HCMC

Every August, the South Australian Vietnam Charity Group-Inc comes to Vietnam and visits Friends For Street Children Association (FFSC) to sponsor the program.

The South Australian Vietnam Charity Group-Inc visits Binh Trieu Warm shelter and gives presents to the sheltered children. Photo: FFSC

Having heard about FFSC in August 2012, Waney Honey Church and other members of the South Australian Vietnam Charity Group visited in person to find out more about FFSC activities and to meet children at the center.  He and other members of the Group couldn’t help feeling sympathetic when seeing FFSC children living in a narrow space without the needed supplies, especially the children at Binh Trieu Warm shelter.

Following that initial visit, Waney Honey Church along with other members of the group, started to develop a plan to support financially for Binh Trieu Development Center’s annual activities such as summer camp, training, and picnics. In his annual visits, he provided warm shelter with household appliances such as water purifier, fan, refrigerator, and washing machine.

This year, on August 27, the group once again came to FFSC office and offered their monetary gift in support of activities of Binh Trieu Center's classes and Warm Shelter. Then, the group headed to Binh Trieu and gave presents to the sheltered children.

The South Australian Vietnam Charity Group-Inc continues support FFSC’s children for several years. Photo: FFSC

Founded in 1984 by Thomas Tran Van Soi, Friends For Street Children Association (FFSC) is a non-profit organization dedicated to helping underprivileged children access basic education and healthcare as well as providing homes for orphaned children.

As well as providing food, shelter and medical care, a priority for FFSC is the educational and developmental support that children need for a brighter future. Adopting a comprehensive approach to development, their focus is as much on emotional education as it is on intellectual abilities.

FFSC also offers parental training, helping to raise awareness of the need to educate children, and to equip them with the soft skills needed for family life and successful parenting. Through this, much of their work is to prevent disadvantaged kids from ending up on the streets and being caught in the web of poverty and social ills.

Operating in Ho Chi Minh City for more than 30 years, FFSC has grown from their initial development centre to seven centres. They also run a guest house and a handicraft workshop as social enterprises, providing much-needed income for disenfranchised women and helping to fund the work and activities they do at their centres.

Located in the poorest areas of Ho Chi Minh City, they cater for many displaced children who have migrated to the city from rural provinces, providing accommodation, food and learning facilities. They currently support more than 1,300 children and their families in different neighbourhoods.

For children who do not have access to the mainstream education system, FFSC provides elementary level education with the goal of integrating them into public schools. Their professional teachers, social workers and volunteers provide these children with the chance to gain knowledge, develop their potential, and deepen life skills and values through education and training.

For children who can attend public schools and university but who are unable to afford the cost, FFSC provides financial support for education and basic living expenses. Health and dental checks are carried out by volunteers and basic treatment is provided when needed. Training sessions on health issues, life values, and life skills are conducted for children, families, teachers and volunteers./.

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