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3/1/2018 8:49:01 AM

Airport staff fined for letting passenger on wrong flight

Three staff at Tan Son Nhat Airport were fined on February 27 for irresponsible actions which led to a passenger getting on a wrong flight.
On February 20, the crew on Vietnam Airlines' flight from HCM City to Singapore realised that one foreign passenger was on the wrong plane. The representative of Vietnam Airlines at Tan Son Nhat Airport found out later that the passenger had bought a ticket to Yangon, Myanmar and helped him board the correct flight.
Illustrative photo (source: VNA)

The flight to Singapore was delayed 17 minutes and the flight to Myanmar was 27 minutes late.

After being informed about the case, the Civil Aviation Authority of Vietnam directed the Southern Airports Authority to investigate. The result shows that because the airline system for booking flights encountered problems for four minutes, the ground staff carried out the procedure manually and made the mistake.

The case was said to be a risk to the aviation security with responsibility on the ground staff and aviation service providers.

Three employees of Vietnam Airport Ground Services Company, Tan Son Nhat Airport, and the head flight attendant of the flight to Singapore were fined VND4m (USD176) each.

The Southern Airports Authority also asked the Vietnam Airport Ground Services Company, Tan Son Nhat Operation Centre and Airports Corporation of Vietnam to review their work to avoid similar cases and report to the Southern Airports Authority./.
  ( VNF/DTnews )
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