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1/30/2018 3:09:07 PM

ActionAid Vietnam reviews 22-year project of urban poverty reduction in Uong Bi

(VNF) - On January 30th, in Quang Ninh Province’s Uong Bi City, ActionAid Vietnam (AAV) has held a meeting to review the results of its  development assistance project in which has just completed after 22 years of implementation.

Accordingly, AAV has played a significant part in bringing a better life to 113,000 direct beneficiaries and 175,800 indirect beneficiaries in 11 communes and wards of the city.

With a total value of over VND 18 billion, after 22 years of implementation, the project focuses on six main areas, which are: strengthening alternative and sustainable livelihood options for poor women in the area. urban; strengthening the participation of people living with and affected by HIV/AIDS and the community in HIV/AIDS prevention and control; promote equitable access to quality education for children; strengthening the participation and decisive role of women in local government agencies; capacity building for women and girls on women's rights and prevention of gender-based violence; responding to the effects of natural disasters and climate change through people-centered approaches.

Women, children and vulnerable groups are the center of ActionAid’s projects.

The conference overview. (Source: AAV)

Nowadays, the project has generated a number of positive outcomes.

14 community development groups were established and maintained with 332 members, of which women accounts for 80 per cent, became the change factor helping people to raise awareness and actively participating in poverty reduction activities and local development.

7,500 people, especially women and girls, have been able to improve income and living quality via accessibility to microfinance, technology and livelihood options.

1,150 people living with and affected by HIV/AIDS have access to voluntary testing and services available to HIV carriers and their family members, confidently integrating into the community; actively participate in city, provincial and national level networks

At the same time, numerous workshops on public services (health policy, education, employment for youth) were conducted for thousands participants, helping them to effectively fulfill their roles in activities to improve the quality of public services in the community.

14,700 students and teachers were raised awareness of the children’s education right, women's rights, prevention of violence against women and girls, contributing to reinforce equality in accessing to quality-education for children.

278 poor students are provided with the necessary equipment for school, such as bicycles, furniture, books, clothes, table lamps, and computers.

1,000 women cadres at all levels actively participated in training related to women's rights, thereby gaining more skills and confidence in life, of which 50 women have been nominated for local leadership positions.

60 female leaders and potential staff have been strengthened in skills in planning, advocacy, lobbying, gender mainstreaming in policy design and analysis.

255 women suffering from gender-based violence are supported by health insurance cards for access to health care at city level health facilities.

The Women's Development Fund was formed and developed into an independent microfinance institution with more than 7,000 women members and a capitalisation of more than VND 40 billion (USD 1.76 million), playing an important role in maintaining and promoting the results of the local project.

AAV Program Coordinator Pham Thi Thanh Van speaks at the event. (Source: AAV)

At the closing ceremony, AAV Program Coordinator Pham Thi Thanh Van said, "Uong Bi City Development Assistance Project is one of the successful projects of ActionAid on urban poverty reduction and development in Vietnam. We believe that its positive effects will be sustained by the local government being proactive in continuing to replicate the results of the program. In addition, there has been a fundamental change in the perception of local people, and these impacts will continue to spread to other parts of the province, helping the people of Quang Ninh, especially the poor, women and children. "

Pham Tuan Dat, Vice Chairman of Uong Bi City People's Committee said, "The models of violence prevention for women and girls have been contributing to raising awareness of people in the community where the program supports, thus helping bring about positive socio-economic changes for the local. As a metropolitan area in the process of urbanisation where gender inequality remains a persistent reality, we are particularly appreciative of the program's training on women's rights, helping local women rise up to truly master their lives.

"ActonAid's Development Assistance Project actively contributes to the economic and social development of the city and the province. We are committed to continue to maintain and expand its model in the coming time to ensure poverty reduction, sustainable development in the locality,” he added./.

Translated by Chau Pham  
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